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Ditch the disposables, switch to the best reusable coffee cups

Regular visits to the café can result in a serious dent in your pocket. But more than that, it can have a detrimental effect on the environment. Selecting reusable coffee cups can help tackle the issues related to sustainability.

A reusable mug is a perfect solution for individuals looking forward to reducing non-degradable materials. To be frank, a majority of the reusable cups are made from glass, stainless steel or bamboo fibre. What’s more, these cups are more eye-catchy than regular mugs.

But selecting the best reusable mug is not that simple. You have to consider various factors while buying good quality and reusable coffee cups.

Switch to reusables

Let’s take a look at some of the factors to consider when choosing the best quality reusable coffee cup.

The type of material you should select

Note that reusable coffee mugs comprise glass, recyclable plastic, or bamboo as the build material. No doubt, plastic is quite durable and lightweight, but it can seriously affect the flavour of your coffee. So if you are passionate coffee lover, then normally, you won’t like anything that effects the coffee flavour.

This is the best reason for you to opt for glass coffee cups. They don’t affect the taste of the coffee, which is all the reason I need. However, glass coffee cups are heavier, and this may cause issues when carrying them in your bag.

Cups derived from bamboo are probably the best, but you cannot heat your brew in the microwave. Thus, while buying reusable coffee mugs, you should consider what is most important for you.

The size of the reusable coffee cup

Reusable coffee cups come in a wide variety of sizes, deciding on the size will largely depend on the type of coffee you prefer. If you like an extra large Mocha, then it is imperative that you consider its size before you purchase your reusable coffee vessel. You’d hate to have a cup that’s too small for your coffee! It is important to select one that can serve its purpose in the long-run.

Here you can find a whole array of eco-friendly and personalised items, specially curated as per your taste. Apart from visiting our store in Sherwood, Brisbane, you can also browse our online store for sustainable coffee products and order from home.

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