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Say goodbye to disposable containers and hello to eco-friendly mealtime solutions. Our durable stainless steel lunch boxes are perfect for packing lunches on the go. Built to last, they're a sustainable choice for reducing single-use plastics. Keep your meals fresh and the planet happy with our reusable lunch boxes.

Stainless Steel Lunch Boxes

Evergreen Reusable Eco Stainless Steel Sandwich Box - Square

$24.95 AUD

1.8L Green Essentials Sustain a Bento Trio - stainless steel bento lunch box

$47.95 AUD

Bentgo Stainless Steel Leakproof Lunch Box

$54.95 AUD

Green Essentials tuck-a-Stacker stainless steel lunch box

$37.95 AUD

Evergreen Reusables Stainless Steel Salad Box - Rectangle

$25.95 AUD

Green Essentials Sustain-a-stacker trio stainless steel lunchbox

$45.95 AUD

Seed & Sprout Crunchbox + Pots stainless steel bento lunch box

$114.95 AUD

Personalised Green Essentials Tiny Tin stainless steel container 150ml

$13.95 AUD

Green Essentials Sili steel snack container 250ml

$11.95 AUD

Green Essentials Triple Bento Round 1.5L

$28.95 AUD

Yumbox Presto - Stainless Steel Bento Box

$69.95 AUD
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