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We're all quite good at recycling materials when we're finished with them, but do you actively seek out products that are made from those recycled materials? These products are made completely, or in part, from recycled materials such as plastic bottles or rubber, completing the recycling circle.

From recycled materials

Reusable takeaway cup tray – coffee cup carrier holder made by Upcycler

$25.95 AUD

Solmates refillable Sunscreen Applicator

$29.95 AUD

Project Ten takeaway insulated cooler lunch bag

$22.95 AUD

Onya reusable bread bag

$29.95 AUD

Peg Basket made from recycled inflatables by Ploys

$34.95 AUD

Willy and Bear Car Cup Holder Expanders

$29.95 AUD

Bread Tag Bowl - made from recycled bread tags

$69.95 AUD

Drinking glass - recycled from wine bottles by Mission Glass

$49.95 AUD

Onya reusable produce bags

$19.95 AUD

Re-Play Divided Plate

$8.95 AUD

Sow 'n Sow Gift of Seeds Card

$9.95 AUD

b.box Insulated Lunch Bag

$18.95 AUD $37.95 AUD
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