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Four of the best water bottles

Reusable, stainless steel or insulated? What’s your take on perfect water bottles?

Single-use plastic bottles are so clichéd today! Most importantly, they are dangerous – for your health and the environment too. As such, more people are now switching to healthier options like reusable plastics, glass or stainless steel bottles that are sustainable and minimise carbon footprint.

Convenience and style are two other factors people consider buying water bottles. Keeping these in mind, we have outlined the four best water bottles to have in 2021.

1. Contigo bottles

If you are looking for a water bottle that is handy, stylish and durable, then Contigo is the right choice for you. They have a wide selection of bottles for kids and adults, each featuring a user-friendly design and leak-proof technology that is perfect on the go.

All Contigo bottles have an AUTOSEAL® lid which is 100% spill-proof and leak-proof. So, you can easily carry them anywhere without worrying about spills. Furthermore, you have a choice for premium-grade stainless steel or other BPA-free materials that ensure safe drinking water.

2. MontiiCo

MontiiCo is a great choice if you are looking for a versatile water bottle and a perfect travel partner. The stainless steel water bottles come with double-wall insulation that keeps your drinks hot for up to 8 hours and cold up to 24 hours. The sleek design makes it easier to carry the bottles anywhere you go. These are available in varied sizes so that you can pick the right bottle for your needs.

3. Cheeki water bottle

When it comes to stainless steel water bottles, Cheeki has become the gold standard it seems. The double-walled stainless steel bottles with insulated lid keep your drink hot up to 24 hours and cold up to 36 hours. Being double-walled, the Cheeki Water Bottle will neither sweat on the outside nor you will feel the heat when you have a hot liquid inside. The bottle also comes with handles that make it easier to carry it anywhere you go.

Cheeki also offer an excellent range of stainless steel insulated reusable coffee cups with leak-proof technology.

4. Oasis

Another sustainable water bottle brand you should consider buying in 2021 is Oasis. Stainless steel material makes the bottle reusable and helps reduce plastic pollution. Additionally, these are fully insulated and helps maintain the optimal temperature of the liquid inside. Oasis water bottles are available in stylish and kid-friendly designs that everyone will love.

A water bottle is an essential part of your life. Make sure you buy one that looks nice, is easy to carry, versatile and most importantly, eco-friendly.

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