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Help your children go green - reduce, reuse, recycle

Almost everyone today is aware of the importance of going green in their lifestyles. The need to adopt greener products is going to increase further in the near future. By inculcating the right habits in your kids today, you can prepare them for the world tomorrow. What is more, adopting a green lifestyle can also help your kids in leading a healthier life. Find out how.

Explain the importance of nature

The first important step in ushering your kids towards a greener life is to help them understand the importance of Mother Nature. When your children understand the significant role that Nature plays in our lives, they will automatically start to respect Nature and become more responsible in their actions.

reduce, reuse, recycle

Encourage them to choose recyclable products

Parents can play an essential role in steering children’s choices. Next time you plan to shop for anything with your children, take them to a store that sells sustainable goods. By encouraging them to choose recyclable products such as Contigo water bottle, from a young age, you can help them create environmentally friendly habits that they are sure to follow even as adults.

Pack food in reusable packaging

You are the example that your children are most likely to follow in their lives. So, it is not just enough to teach them to go green. It is equally essential for you to embrace a greener life. One significant change you can make is opting for reusable packaging in place of single use ones.

Pack your children’s lunch in reusable sandwich bags, or when you step out for a trip, carry your drinking water in place of buying several plastic bottles.

Green gifts

Gifts are a reflection of you and your family’s values. Green gifts are not just environment friendly; they are also very economic. So, if your children have to pick presents for their friends, encourage them to go for the green options such as a reusable cloth bag or personalised Contigo water bottles. In this way, not only will your children act responsibly towards the environment, but they will also encourage their friends to do the same.

Remember, acting responsibly towards the environment is one of the greatest lessons in life. Starting on this lesson early in life can make it easier for them to adopt and help the environment as well. So, start teaching your children about how they can help the environment today.

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