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Make your kids meal times fun with a Yumbox Bento lunchbox

Making a lunch that your kids will enjoy is a minefield. What is it they don’t like this week?  How can we encourage our kids to eat their lunch while ensuring nutrition and healthy food habits? For many of us, it’s complicated. Sometimes it’s the simplest things. Can the way you pack and present the lunch can influence your kids to eat? Children, and adults for that matter, are more attracted to food that looks fresh and delicious … and not a mess, stuffed into a lunch box. Thankfully, Yumbox Bento lunchboxes give you the flexibility to pack food in an organised and attractive way – with a focus on healthy eating.

Essentially leakproof…

One of the primary challenges that parents like us face when packing lunch is ensuring that the food does not leak. Not only does it turn off your child from eating his lunch, but we also have to clean up the mess when they get home. Yumbox Bento lunchboxes include leakproof lids. An added bonus is that there is no seep between the compartments. This gives you the option to pack a variety of foods like watery fruits, yoghurt and dips, without worrying about them mushing together.

Compact design comes in handy for kids

One of the primary reasons children end up not eating their lunch is the inconvenience of opening their lunchbox. Smaller kids often need help to extend or end up spilling the food because it’s too difficult to open. Consider buying a lunchbox that is compact and lightweight, with an easy-to-open latch, with sufficient compartments to allow you to pack a variety of healthy and nutritious foods. Surely they will eat one of them!

Yumbox’s are light-in-weight with pre-portioned compartments that allow you to pack different foods and the right portions, promoting healthy eating among kids. It easily fits into any standard thermal lunch bag and is suitable for everyone. Even us big kids.

Eco-friendly and safe

The Yumbox range is made from high-quality materials that are 100% reusable. Being phthalates-free and BPA-free further ensures the food remains safe and healthy.

Personalise and add more fun

To inspire your kids to eat their food, you can personalise the lunchbox with their name, or any text etched permanently on the lid.

Choosing the right lunchbox can help make mealtime more enjoyable while promoting healthy eating among your kids. We stock many well-known brands in their online store and also in our Sherwood (Brisbane) store. Bring your kids into the store and let them choose the lunchbox they like.

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