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Reusable coffee cup switch - a great step to protect the environment

Are you a coffeeholic? Does coffee keep you going all day long? Coffee can be a perfect stressbuster for you, but your addiction might be detrimental to the planet. Many takeaway cups end up in landfill. A Reusable Coffee Cup generally does not.

Disposable cups mostly have plastic linings in them, which make recycling difficult. Until recently, many of us would never have considered what ends up in landfill. As we learn more about the environment, we realise that landfill is one of the significant factors contributing to environmental degradation today. It emits harmful greenhouse gases, contributing to substantial climate change. Not to mention the adverse impact it has on biodiversity!

Australians use over 1 billion disposable coffee cups every year approximately. It’s estimated 2.7 million cups are thrown away every day! So, swapping your takeaway coffee cup with a more sustainable option can be a significant win for our planet. One single step towards using reusable coffee cups and your habit of daily coffee would make the earth a better place to live in!

Support sustainability, make the coffee cup switch

Your love for coffee doesn’t need to harm the planet. Switch to sustainable options like a Cheeki reusable coffee cup for your coffee-on-the-go cravings. These are eco-friendly, 100% recyclable and produce zero waste – a fantastic way to drink your much-loved beverage and yet play your role in reducing carbon footprint.

Enjoy your coffee hot...every time

Perhaps the worst experience for a coffee lover is to have his beverage cold. Cardboard takeaway cups that you get in most coffee shops do not keep the drink warm for long.  Delightfully, an intelligent step towards environmental protection can also let you enjoy your coffee just the way you want it to be.

There are many great options today, such as Contigo reusable coffee cups. These are made of insulated stainless steel that keeps your coffee hot for up to 3 hours!

Coffee cups that match your style

Ever thought you’d proud carrying your coffee cup? Nah!

With stylish, robust and sustainable Cheeki reusable cups, you will. These are available in attractive colours and designs, making them a perfect fit for any taste and personality.

Goodbye mess

Imagine rushing to your office when the paper coffee cup in your hand spills the beverage on your shirt! Nothing can be worse than this.

Say goodbye to spills and leaks with Contigo reusable coffee cups that come with Autoseal technology; simply lock and carry it in your bag without worrying about leaking.

If your morning isn’t good without coffee, it is time to switch to reusable cups. They aren’t just great for your health and lifestyle, but our planet too. Happy coffeeing Check out our range of reusable coffee cups 

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