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Should you buy an insulated lunch bag for your kids?

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges for a parent is to have their kids eat their school lunch. While good taste, nutrition and food presentation do matter in enticing your kids to eat, it is equally important to ensure the food remains at a healthy temperature. An insulated lunch bag can help maintain optimum temperature and ensuring the food remains fresh for until lunchtime.

Insulated lunch boxes usually contain an outer layer made of fabric like vinyl, nylon or polyester. These materials can be hard to stain or tear, with a water-resistant inner layer. This helps to keep food fresh and dry. Insulated, soft-sided lunch boxes or bags can generally best for keeping food cool.

Lunch boxes also can be made from other tough and durable materials like silicone, glass and metal. These don’t have interior insulation, adding an ice pack will help keep food safe to eat.

So, why buy an insulated lunch bag?

why buy an insulated lunch bag

Let’s take a look at the top reasons why should buy an insulated lunch bag:

Helps maintain optimum temperature

Choose a bag that keeps food cold for approximately 6 hours. From the time you pack it in the morning to the lunch break at school. A drink bottle with built in insulation may be worth considering keeping their drink cold. For perishable foods like fruits, you can buy a Sachi insulated lunch bag that fits perfectly with a medium-sized freezing panel. This will help maintain safe food temperatures and also keep it fresh until lunchtime.

So, no more shrivelled or rotten food in your kids’ lunch box anymore!


There is a lot of research showing many materials used in making products today contain chemicals which are affect our bodies. Choose Insulated kids lunch bags that are free from BPA, PVC, phthalates and lead in their manufacturing materials.

Attractive & stylish

Buy a lunch bag for your kids that they will feel proud to carry to their school. For example, these MontiiCo insulated lunch bags can be the perfect accompaniment for your kids’ lunch, available in a range of attractive designs that they will love.

Can your child open their lunch?

One of the biggest issues is just how many kids need help opening their lunchboxes, drink bottles and the packets included in them. When you buy an insulated lunch box, bag or drink bottle, buy containers that help them be independent.

Insulated lunch bags are leak-proof

Having a leak-proof and air-tight lunchbox expands the variety of foods you can pack for your child’s lunch. With a leak-proof, air-tight lunchbox, it’s possible to pack a yoghurt, a sandwich, and some fruit, without any cling wrap. Everything will stay fresh, there is no waste, and each ingredient will stay separate from the others.

I’d like to encourage you to think about the impacts your purchases have on the environment and world our children are growing up in. Your choice of kids lunch bags can impact your child’s environmental impact from their daily lunch foods. Remember, when shopping for these items, get your kids involved, get them to help choose the style and colour so they have some ownership over what you buy.

We have a wide variety of lunch bags for kids and adults in many colours and sizes. Bring your kids to the store, and if you’re still not sure, we can help you select your lunch box or bag.

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