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Some must-have sustainable products for your home

The amount of waste accumulating in the world is increasing at an unprecedented pace and this garbage harms the environment. To stop this situation from getting exacerbated, people have started using sustainable products in their homes. These products are the greatest gift of mankind to the environment and they provide cost-benefit advantage. They are equally useful when compared to other contemporary products with low maintenance and longer life. This article talks about some of these must-haves sustainable products at your home.

  • Reusable Coffee Mugs: Everyone craves for a cup of coffee or black tea in the morning every day and every member of the family uses a different coffee cup. There are busy people as well and for them using a reusable coffee mug could make the difference. This will reduce the plastic wastage and also their money invested in buying such cups will drastically go down. The savings are on dual fronts: on your wallet and on the environment by using these sustainable products.
  • Reusable Straws: Silicone drinking straws and stainless steel straws are a great invention considering the amount of pollution plastic straws do. Stainless steel straws come in a variety of options, straight straws, bent straws and brushes to clean them. Likewise, silicone straws come in a bag and a cleaning squeegee in different colours and sizes. Modern straws completely eliminate the need to use a plastic straw, are a lot better for our environment and sea creatures.
  • Reusable Bags: Even though single use plastic bags have been removed from supermarkets, many of us continue to use plastic bags when we go out to buy groceries. You can instead use reusable produce bags which are designed to cater to your bulk shopping need and fall under the category of eco-friendly sustainable products. These produce bags are highly convenient and durable as it can hold good weight.
  • Kitchen and Personal Hygiene Items: There are a lot of environmentally friendly alternatives to most of the kitchen utensils and cutlery. Be it bamboo utensils to be used instead of the plastic ones, lunch bags, or compost dustbin for disposal of vegetable waste. There are silicone wraps to cover food, reusable bamboo toothbrush and hairbrushes, and dish cleaning brushes. By going green, you can avoid many personal care products that contain any harsh chemicals and use harmless and effective products which are not risky.

These were some of the sustainable products you should start using at your home to reduce the unnecessary waste and contribute towards reducing pollution. It is high time we should start switching to such products to protect the environment and avoid the harmful consequences.

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