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The importance of water and reusable water bottles

Water is a building material that makes up a majority of your body. The consistent flow of water is vital to many critical human body functions. On average we should drink around 2-3 litres of water every day. Drinking enough water can help improve your cognitive and physical abilities and keep your skin resiliently beautiful.

Hydration makes life easier.

  • When you become dehydrated, your metabolism slows down, affecting how your body burns fat.
  • Brain cells are made of mostly water. When you’re hydrated these cells are more efficient which improves your cognitive ability.
  • Dry, dehydrated skin is more prone to the development of fine lines and wrinkles. When hydrated, water fills the spaces between skins cells, improving the resiliency, making it less prone to wrinkles

reusable water bottles

Carrying a water bottle throughout the day and wherever you go will help you drink enough water. A Contigo water bottle is an ideal choice if you are looking for reusable, eco-friendly bottles.

Contigo take health and quality very seriously. All of plastic water bottles are BPA free and many are also made from FDA approved Eastman Tritan, which is more durable than a traditional plastic and helps resist against stains and odours. Their stainless steel water bottles are also BPA free and are made from food-grade stainless steel.

There remain many more advantages of choosing an eco-friendly water bottle and here are just a few.

Reduced plastic pollution

By choosing a reusable water bottle, on average you could save 217 plastic bottles from ending up in landfill every year.

If you encouraged one friend to join you and in-turn they got one friend, and so on…imagine the positive impact on the environment and the reduction in plastic waste.

Save money.

If saving money is of interest, then next time we recommend you take your water from home. By using your favourite Contigo reusable water bottle, and taking water from home 5 times a week, you can save $520 a year instead of purchasing it.

Every Contigo product is engineered with your on-the-go lifestyle in mind. They get that we commute a long way to work via bus or train (or both), have active households, and like our morning coffee piping hot and our post-workout water icy cold.

Contigo has a variety of water bottles from their lightweight BPA-free plastic Autospout bottles which feature handy flip-top spouts which release at the press of a button, to their Autoseal bottles which open and release a small opening for easy drinking.

For those wanting insulation to keep their drinks cool, check out the Cortland or Ashland bottles as they feature the easy Autospout with a double-wall stainless steel body, to keep drinks cold for up to 20 hours without condensation.

If you are looking for the perfect reusable water bottle, explore the range of Contigo water bottles available at our store in Sherwood, Brisbane or shop online.

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