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Travelling with kids? Find the perfect water bottle

Travelling with kids isn’t always easy. There’s the endless snacks, the need to keep them entertained on the drive and of course, making sure they keep hydrated while on the move.

Luckily, there is such a big range of reusable water bottles available these days that we’d suggest it is almost impossible not to find something that is suitable for your child, for any trip you happen to take.

Here are some of the features you need to consider when buying a water bottle for your child for your next holiday.

What are you doing? If you’re kids are anything like most, they’ll be active and playing all day. Whether at the beach or the park, there’s no time to stop what you’re doing to use two hands to take a drink! Luckily a lot of kids bottles can be operated single-handedly so they can just push a button to flip open a lid, take a sip, then close the lid again. That’s great for keeping the sipper clean too.

How old are your kids? For little kids, we recommend the almost indestructible Omie silicone drink bottles. They are small enough for little hands to hold and because they are silicone they can squeeze them a bit too. Plus if they drop them, they won’t break. For bigger kids, they’re probably more interested in style – Frank Green anyone?

Are you monitoring their water intake? How many times per day do you ask the kids if they’ve had enough water to drink? And on holidays…we imagine it is even more. Some kids water bottles are clear, so you can easily see how much they’ve had to drink, and how much is left. For others, the great designs hide the water inside – they’re perfect for kids who are great at keeping on top of their water intake without your input.

What’s the weather? There’s nothing worse than a hot bottle of water on a hot day. Keep their water cold and refreshing with a double wall insulated drink bottle. They’ll appreciate the cool interlude between games and you’ll feel better knowing they’re staying hydrated in the heat.

What do they like to drink? It doesn’t just have to be water! We have a huge range of bottles, cups and tumblers suitable for milk, juice, milkshakes, smoothies…even bubble tea!

Like adults, all kids are different and have their own tastes and preferences. Why not let them choose their own bottle? That way they’ll be more likely to keep it with them and stay hydrated on holiday.

Many of our bottles can be personalised too – look out for that option when you purchase.

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