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Ways to teach kids to become environmentally conscious

There’s no doubt about it, we’re producing more waste in our modern society than we ever have at anytime in our existence and it’s our children who are going to have to clean up the mess.

The use of plastics is absolutely everywhere in modern life. We wrap our sandwiches in it, carry our groceries in it, and even find it in our beauty products through microplastics.

I love my planet

While there’s still a long way to go, there’s a growing number of companies actively looking for, and producing products to help us reduce our plastic usage. Right now it might seem odd to brush your hair with a hairbrush made from wheat straw comb, but for our children, (hopefully), using products made from materials that aren’t plastic, or from recycled plastics will be not only the norm, but mainstream.

Our children are the decision makers of tomorrow, so to teach them that there can be a world without plastics everywhere (remember our childhoods?) will take time, patience and effort from those of us who are old enough to remember.

Here’s some ways to help your kids understand the environment, and their impact on it:

Get them out in nature – By developing a love and appreciation for nature they’ll start to advocate for it, such as by putting pressure on lawmakers to resist land clearing for development, or encouraging sustainable energy options.

Teach them to reduce, reuse and recycle – Help kids understand that their consumption impacts the planet. Show them how they can switch single-use products for more sustainable alternatives, which products can be reused or repurposed and which can be recycled.

Show them how to make and mend – Remember the old saying ‘mend and make do’? By teaching kids skills such as sewing, cooking, gardening and mending they’ll be able to sew on buttons instead of buying a new shirt, effectively use food in their fridge to make imaginative meals, compost and grow their own food, and fix things such as their bikes, extending the life of their stuff.

Make sure they know that change can start with them – As a planet we’re facing an uphill battle in terms of the environment, but it’s important that our children don’t feel so overwhelmed that they are paralysed into inaction. Every little bit helps, and they CAN make a difference.

Lead by example – Stop using single-use products where there is an alternative already! We already have alternatives for single use bottles, coffee cups, cutlery, takeaway containers, produce bags, and much more! Plus, we have more sustainable alternatives to chemical-laden cleaning products, skin products and healthcare products – these options already exist so start using them now and make sure your children know and understand why you’ve made the switch.

We hope that stores such as ours are the norm by the time our children are adults, and that they’ll actively seek out and choose sustainable products.

In the meantime, you can find everything your child will need for them for school, and at home right here in our online store. We can even personalise many products so hopefully when they lose them, they make their way back to them again!

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