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Appetito eco travellers reusable cutlery set - straw and spork with pouch.

Appetito Eco Traveller's Cutlery set - 3 piece stainless steel set with pouch

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Appetito Eco Traveller's Cutlery set - 3 piece stainless steel set with pouch

This hand traveller's cutlery set in a handy pouch is perfect to have in your school or handbag - ready for lunch or take-away

With this reusable traveller's cutlery set there is no excuse for using single use plastic cutlery anymore. Make sure you always have one of these sets in your bag when you are out and about.  Meaning you are always ready for lunch, take-away etc.  Perfect for children to take to school and a great way to teach children about sustainability.

This 3 piece set comes with a stainless steel spork (fork and spoon in one), stainless steel straw and a cleaner. All this in a neoprene travel pouch with a ziplock at the top for easy use.  The pouch even has room to add a serviette.

All cutlery is made from high quality stainless steel and the pouch is a washable neoprene.

Please note this set do not includes a knife. As most times when you eat take-away or your lunch you will only need a fork or spoon.

Appetito produces an extensive range of kitchen and cooking-related tools and products.  Appetito's well-priced, high quality and useful gadgets are helping home cooks around to world to create delicious meals in the home.  We stock a range of Appetito products.

Eating on the move? This handy traveller's cutlery set from Appetito is the perfect accompaniment for lunch, picnics and snacks on the go.


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