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Bartender set of 4 wine pearls - pearls shown in a glass of wine.
Bartender set of 4 wine pearls with black velvet pouch.
Bartender set of 4 wine pearls with black velvet pouch - shown with gift box and glass of wine.

Bartender Stainless Steel Wine Pearls - set of 4 with a bag

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Always have some wine pearls in your freezer ready for when you need your glass of wine to stay cold for longer.

This set of 4 wine pearls will cool your favourite drink without diluting the taste.
The pearls are made from high-grade stainless steel and comes in a black velvet storage pouch. 

The pearls are odourless and tasteless, so when frozen they will keep your rose or white wine cold - no need for ice cube that will melt in your wine. 
They are also great for other drinks too like gin, whisky, rum etc. They even work well in soft drinks too. 

Just put the pearls (inside the bag so they are easy to find) in the freezer for at last 4 hours.

When you drink is ready just pop a couple of pearls in your glass and enjoy.
I always have a bag of wine pearls in my freezer for the times when I don't have a cold bottle and feel like a glass of cold wine. 

Easy cleaning, just rinse with water, wipe dry and pop them in the bag and back in the freezer again. 

Great gift idea for the person who have everything.


  • Includes 4 stainless steel wine pearls.
  • Includes black velvet storage pouch.
  • High-grade stainless steel.
  • Food safe.


Please Note: Not to be used in cocktail shakers, delicate glassware or large volumes of liquid.


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