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Ben Elke Mexican Oilcloth clipboard

$24.95 AUD
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A funky sturdy clipboard covered in Mexican oilcloth from Ben Elke design - perfect work and school

The Ben Elke Oilcloth clipboard is part of the Ben Elke oilcloth range.

I love my clipboard from Ben Elke. And I use this clipboard every day when I go to the shop from the office.

I keep the papers I need to work on under the clip on the right side of the clip board. And all papers I finished with goes in the pocket on the left side until I get back to the office and can file the papers away.

It even got a little elastic strap in the middle when its open to keep a pen - being elastic it means it will adjust to the size of your pen.

Its hard enough to use open and folded over as a writing clip board if you got a notepad or paper under the clip.

Its perfect for use at school, work, at home, sport etc.

Great present for teachers, sports coaches, friends and family etc .

Being made from oilcloth it means it protects the paper, brochures or what ever you bring in it.  And this means its very easy to keep clean  - just wipe it down with a wet cloth.

The clip board comes in 5 of the well know designs from Ben Elke range: Black Cherry, Mint Cherry, Red Hibiscus, Blue Hibiscus and Yellow Hibiscus.

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