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Bentgo bento leak proof Lunchbox

$44.95 AUD
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The perfect bento leak proof lunchbox which can also be personalised


The new craze is here with the Bentgo bento leak proof lunchbox.

If your child loves cute shaped food in individual compartments, then this is the lunch box for you.

The Bentgo Kids Lunch Box is about making lunch fun.

Bentgo Kids is an innovative BPA, Lead, Vinyl FREE style lunchbox.

Consisting of 5 different compartments and a little compartment, perfect for a sweet treat or dipping sauce.

The outside of the lunchbox is made from durable plastic with silicone around the edges. As a result this silicone will be stopping it from moving around too much and also reducing scratching the lunchbox.

All this makes it perfect as a first lunchbox for toddlers up to school-age children.
The 2 clips make it easy to open and close.

The inner tray can be taken out which makes it easier to clean too. And the inner tray is microwave-safe for up to 3 minutes on medium heat.

Outside dimensions: 21.6xm x 16.6cm x 4.6cm - tray dimensions: 20.6cm x 15.1cm x 4cm.
Capacity: can take 3 cups/710ml (to the top)
Weight: 550g.
BPA-, Vinyl-, Lead- and PVC-free. FDA approved.

Check out Bentgo's new leak-proof, bento stainless steel lunch box here.

Option: You name/text can be permanently marked in the lid for an extra $6.50.


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