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Bumkins reusable sandwich and snack bags

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The Bumkins reusable bags come in a range of different designs like Harry Potter, Batman, Wonder Woman

These Bumkins reusable sandwich bags can be used again and again which therefore make them a great alternative to single-use plastic bags.

They are for example great for school, work, camping, dog treats, picnics, hiking, road trips, storage - indeed anything you can think of really.

But here are some suggestions for use: snacks, sandwich, toys, toiletries, cash, dummies, electronics, toys etc.

Comes in 2 handy sizes. A sandwich size and snack size that can be used again and again.

Easy cleaning by either just a quick wipe or shake, washing machine and even in the dish washer. However remember to make sure the bag is airdried after washing and before putting it away in storage.

All bags come with zipper closure which makes them easy to use even for little hands. Made from food safe and waterproof light weight fabric.
Although the fabric is waterproof, the bags are not completely leakproof due to the zipper closing.

The bags are PVC free, Lead free, BPA free, Vinyl free as well as being Phthalates free.

Sandwich bag: 18.5cm x 17.5cm
Snack bag: 18cm x 9.5cm

Comes in different sizes/sets:

Set of 1 large bag

Set of 2 large bags

Set of 2 small snack bags

Set of 3: 1 sandwich bag and 2 snack bags.


  • Durable
  • Zipper closure
  • Easy cleaning
  • Great size
  • Food safe
  • Reduce waste
  • Great for organisation
Born This Way Foundation by Bumkins is a partnership with a goal of promoting kindness and mental health awareness. A portion of each purchase will support Lady Gaga’s non-profit Born This Way Foundation’s mission of supporting youth mental health by working with them to build a kinder, braver world. Together, we can make kindness cool, validate the emotions of young people, and eliminate the stigma surrounding mental health.


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