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Contigo Luxe Autoseal insulated stainless steel coffee mug

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This stylish Contigo insulated Coffee mug can be locked and is safe to carry in your bag without leaking.

The Contigo Luxe insulated coffee mug have the well-known Contigo Autoseal, which makes it leak proof.

You have to hold the button on the back in while you drink. And when its released it is closed again and becomes leakproof. As you only use one hand when drinking it is safe to use when driving. 

And even better, if you lock the little lock on the top of the lid you cannot by accident press the button to open it. So safe to have rolling around in your bag.

As you press the opening button in with your finger on the same hand as you hold your cup it is safe to use in the car etc as it still leaves you with one hand free.

It not only good looking, but also a very practical cup.

As with all insulated coffee mugs and thermos it its a good idea to pour hot/boiling water in it and leave for 10-15min to warm up the inside of the cup before you pour it out and pour your hot drink in it, screw the lid on and its all ready to go with you where ever you bring it. And if you lock it so you can't by accident press the opening button it is safe to bring in your bag with you to school or work.

Lid easy to clean as it can be clicked open and goes in the dish washer. Cup itself is recommended hand washed.

Hot up to 3 hours and cold up to 10 hours.


Option: You name/text can be permanently marked in the lid for an extra $6.50.


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