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Daily Bake Silicone 12 cup mini loaf pan

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This silicone mini loaf is the perfect size for the lunch box

The silicone mini loaf pan from Daily Bake makes 12 mine loaves. And I love the size of these mini loafs - you can make anything in these trays.

And due to the silicone tray having a steel enforced edge it means it stays straight when you carry it and therefore I have no issues with my kids doing any baking and taking this tray in and out of the oven.

Instead of a normal muffin try and make them into little loafs which fits easier into a lunch box.

Make little breads in it - small rye breads are great for the lunch box as a snack.

Fritta/quiches can be made in to the perfect serving size.

For a brunch I put a couple slices of bacon in the bottom of a loaf, cracked an egg on top, a bit of salt and peber, parsley or chives and grated parmesan - they were all eaten before I finished setting the table!

Due to the silicone it is an easy release from the pan - just push it a bit from bottom of the pan.

Ok in the oven up to 220°.

Do not use abrasive products or sharp knives on the silicone.

Made from BPA-free premium quality food safe silicone with steel enforcing around the edges.

Do not place on hot place or direct heat.

Freezer, microwave and dish washer safe.

32.5cm x 24.5cm x 2.7cm


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