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Eva Solo Recycled Glass Bottle 0.5L - made from recycled glass and has a carry handle in the lid.
Eva Solo Recycled Glass Bottle 0.5L - made from recycled glass - lid taken off and next to bottle.
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Eva Solo Recycled Glass Bottle 0.5L

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Danish design at it best - bottle made from recycled glass.

This bottle from the Danish brand Eva Solo is made from 100% thick recycled glass. Due to it being made from recycled glass there might be some slight variation in the glass so each bottle are not quite the same as the next one. 

A lot of people prefer not to drink from plastic or stainless steel, but like the feeling of drinking from a glass bottle. And you are helping the environment at the same time. Using recycled material is an easy way to conserve the planet's resources. 

The bottle takes 500ml and comes with a screw on lid. The lid has an inbuilt strap making it easy to carry aorund. 

The bottle is free of worrying substances such as BPA, phthalates or lead. And as it is made from glass it does not release any chemicals or flavours to your water. 


This glass bottle is very easy to clean as the bottle dishwasher safe whereas the lid must be washed by hand. 


Height 22.9cm and width 7.4cm on all sides. 

Weight: 280g.


The bottle itself is made from recycled glass and the lid is made from stainless steel and plastic (to make it leak proof) and the handle is made from nylon. 



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