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Fridge to-go spare medium freezing panel.

Fridge to-Go spare freezing panel

$13.95 AUD
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A flat size freezing panel is very handy to have ready for any lunch bag

The spare freezing panel for the fridge to-go lunch bags are so handy for lot of other lunch bags as well as the fridge to-go lunch bags.

I can highly recommend to have a spare panel in the freezer at all times. A spare in the freezer comes in very handy for the morning. Especially when you realise you forgot to empty the lunch bag the night before (speaking by experience here ;) )

The biodegradable panel contains non-toxic purified salt water.

Medium: 22cm x 19cm x 1.2cm (this is similar to the one that comes with the medium fridge to-go bag).

Check out the Fridge to-go insulated lunch bag here.

I got a few of these ones in my freezer as I find them so useful due to being flat as they fit in anywhere. If I use my Sachi insualted basket I put one in the bottom and top (and maybe on the sides as well). This is the basket I talk about.


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