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Icebreaker Pop Ice Maker by Icebreaker Nordic - photo of woman pouring icecubes in to a drink.
Icebreaker Pop Ice Maker by Icebreaker Nordic - coloured ice cubes in a glass.
Icebreaker Pop Ice Maker by Icebreaker Nordic - a few ice breakers inside a freezer.
Icebreaker Pop Ice Maker by Icebreaker Nordic - Water Blue.
Icebreaker Pop Ice Maker by Icebreaker Nordic - Sapphire Blue.
Icebreaker Pop Ice Maker by Icebreaker Nordic - Sapphire Blue and Water Blue.

Icebreaker "Pop" Ice Maker by Icebreaker Nordic 

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Icebreaker "Pop" Ice Maker by Icebreaker Nordic - Danish Design 

Make and bring your ice cubes everywhere - The new hygienic handy way of making Ice Cubes

The Icebreaker "Pop" Ice Maker is a new way of making ice cubes and handy to bring with you on a picnic etc.

Icebreaker "Pop" Ice Maker from Icebreaker® is the ice cube tray re-invented. So you just simply "Pop" the ice cubes out by pulling the straps and can serve the ice cubes easily and without difficulty or spillage.
The Pop "Ice Maker is very easy to operate and use. You just fill the Ice Maker as you would a bottle, freeze and POP!  And you will be enjoying ice cold drinks in no time.

So how does it work?

The "Pop" Ice Maker is designed to be space optimal, spill proof and 100% watertight.

As you can be stacking it in any position in the freezer it will fit into even the smallest freezer. And as the Icebreaker is a fully closed container it is also at the same time stopping water from leaking into your freezer.

And even better, this closed container design also stops odour absorption or bacteria reaching your ice. Therefore it is allowing you to be serving the ice cubes without having to touch the ice cubes.

As there is very limited melting due to the thermo effect closed container and due to it being leak proof you can be bringing your "Pop" Ice Maker anywhere. This makes it perfect to bring as an ice brick to be keeping your picnic cold and at the picnic you can be serving ice cubes for everyone's drinks. And it also means no melting water leaking on the table or in your picnic basket.

The "Pop" Ice Maker has specially been designed to separate ice from the melted water. You just close the top half of the container and pour out the melted water. So the ice will stay dry and the melting time is reduced drastically.

For a change to making normal ice cubes you could for example fill it with flavoured water. You could even fill it with colourful cordial.

As the container is leak proof it can also be used as a normal ice brick in a lunch bag to keep the lunch box cold.


  • 20.9 x 11.6 x 5.58cm (8.7cm when expanded).
  • Weight 237g.
  • Easy to use.
  • Leak proof.
  • Space optimal design.
  • Hygienic - serve hands-free without touching the ice cubes.
  • Easy to transport.
  • Limited melting - Thermo effect closed container.
  • Easily separate melted water and ice.
  • Phthalate and BPA-free.

In addition to all this it is also safe to clean on the top-shelf in the dishwasher, as well as it can easily be disassembled into 3 parts for easy cleaning.

Finally if it all sounds a bit confusing as to how the Icebreaker is working then you should be checking out this Youtube video.

Icebreaker "Pop" Ice Maker by Icebreaker Nordic. Make and bring your ice cubes everywhere.


Customer Reviews

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I LOVE this product!

We are avid campers, and being able to make and store ice in our camper freezer for cool drinks on a hot day is amazing. No more melting ice pooling at the bottom of the freezer either!

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