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Klipsta hat clip holder - all 6 colours attached to the brim of a hat .
Klipsta hat clip holder - holds a hat and clipped on to a bag.
Klipsta hat clip holder - boy with back pack and hat clipped on to his bag.
Klipsta hat clip holder - 2 kids with backpacks and hats clipped on to their bags.
Klipsta hat clip holder - hat clipped on to school bag.
Klipsta hat clip holder - close up of clip holding a hat.
Klipsta hat clip holder - Black.
Klipsta hat clip holder - Tan.
Klipsta hat clip holder - Green.
Klipsta hat clip holder - Pink.
Klipsta hat clip holder - Stone.

Klipsta Hat Clip Holder

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Clip your hat or your child's school hat on to a bag with the strong hat holder clip

The Klipsta Hat Clip Holder means you will never have to replace a lost hat again. The strong magnet on the Clip Holder will make sure of that.

If you have ever experienced the frustration of a damaged or lost hat while out and about. Then this simple solution to make life a little easier.

The Clip is a convenient and simple way to carry your hat hands-free. With a clever design that where you securely fasten your hat to your bag.

Simply attach, lock and clip - then get on with your day with one less thing to worry about!

Easy and quickly attach your hat, jacket, scarfs etc to your bag or belt using the innovative Klipsta Hat Clip.

Featuring a simple design that pairs well with any accessory, this smart clip keeps your hat securely fastened using our unique lock feature.

Attach, lock, clip - and you’re good to go!

Comes in 6 different colours - easy to find one that match your outfit or maybe every one in the family have their own colour: Black, Stone, Tan, Navy, Pink and Green.

Designed and made in Australia - packed locally using recycled paper for a planet-friendly pack.

Please Note: We cannot personalise the clips.

Klipsta Hat Clip Holder. Clip your hat or your child's school hat on to a bag with the strong magnetic Klipsta hat clip. No more lost hats!


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