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MontiiCo classic range Sipper lid 2.0 - Black.
MontiiCo Bamboo spare lid for 350ml, 600ml and 1L - old Classic Range.

MontiiCo Drink Bottle Lids

$8.95 AUD
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All the different Montiico lids fits all the different sized MontiiCo bottles in the old range. They fit the 350ml, 600ml and the 1L bottles.

We now only stock the Bamboo lid and the Sipper 2.0 lids 

Please Note - these are for the old Classic Range and do not fit the new Fusion Range.

With the large range of MontiiCo Drink Bottle Lids it will be easy to find one that suits you. No matter if you prefer to drink directly from the bottle and use the bamboo lid or you prefer a straw/sipper lid.

The MontiiCo range also makes colourful silicone bumpers that fits around the bottom of the bottle. This protects the bottle, but it also looks quite funky. So you can create your own special bottle with matching lid and bumper. Check out the different sized bumpers here

All the different Montiico Drink bottle lids fit all the different sized MontiiCo bottles. They fit the 350ml, 600ml and the 1L bottles

Option: You name/text can be permanently marked in the lid for an extra $6.50.


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