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So Young insulated lunch box bag in Jungle Cats design.
So Young insulated lunch box bag - open bag.
So Young insulated lunch box bag - drawing of bag incl measurements.
So Young insulated lunch box bag in Spaceman design.
So Young insulated lunch box bag in Stegosaurus design.

So Young insulated lunch bag box

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Funky designs in the So Young cooler insulated lunch bags - perfect for everyone in the family.

If you're looking for a versatile lunch bag that is jam-packed with great features, then the So Young cooler insulated lunch bag is for you.

With a range of funky designs to choose from, your lunchtimes will be anything but boring.  

Made from uncoated linen on the outside, they are washing machine friendly. Or you can even put them in the dishwasher. Perfect for an end of the week clean ready for school lunches next week.

Another great feature is the leak-proof insulated loose insert/bag. That means that any stains caused by food spillage within the bag will not stain the bag itself. And it also makes it easier to shake out the crumbs at the end of the day.

Generously sized, and a handy rectangular shape, these lunch bags are 25.5cm long, 19cm wide and 7.6cm deep. They come with a handy little carry handle, and a longer strap to allow you to sling it over one arm.

So Young is a Canadian brand. It is a well loved brand the world over for it's quality, stylish and sustainable collections.

These lunch bags do not come with a freezer panel. But the freezer panels from the Fridge to-go lunch bag fits in these - you can get them here.

PLEASE NOTE: These lunch bags will not be personalised, but you can buy a small  nametag to put on the zipper here.  We recommend this addition for kids who have trouble keeping track of their stuff in the playground. This isn't a bag you want to go missing!

So Young insulated lunch bags come in funky designs, 2 different sizes & have a range of great features to make them stand out from the pack.


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