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The Block Dock - soap dish storage holder

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The Block Dock will stop your soap or shampoo bar going soggy and it will dry quicker.

The Block Dock holder is what you need if are you trying to get away from single use plastic. As most shampoo comes in a plastic bottle. One way to get away from the shampoo bottles is to start using a shampoo bar and keep it in a Block Dock in your shower.

And most normal soap holders you find the soap gets soggy in, but due the to the shape and angle of The Block Dock the water runs off easily and will keep your soap dray, which also means your soap will last longer.

The Block Dock is made from Aluminium which is suited for bath rooms. It is powder coated and comes in a range of different colours.

The Block Dock comes with a suction cup and needs a smooth, non-porous surface to create a vacuum like tiles, steel, mirror etc. So it will not work on painted walls, textured tiles etc. as it needs flats surface to create a vacuum.

Are you not happy to share your soap with the rest of the family? Then you could get Block Docks in different colours to hang next to the shower. Maybe a colour each family member to have their own soap in.

The Block Dock is 5.6cm tall, 4.35cm deep and 8.45cm wide - it will fit bars up to 3.8 cm in thickness.

Our shampoo bar from Washpool fits perfect in it - get it here.


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