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Washpools Skin Wellness Kitchen and Laundry Soap Bar

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Washpools Skin Wellness Kitchen and Laundry Soap Bar - Eucalyptus, Orange and Lemon

A natural alternative for dish cleaning, laundry gel and pre-wash stain treatments.

Washing like it was done in days gone by.  No harsh chemicals to protect not only the environment but you and your family.

Handmade by Washpool, Ballendean, QLD from natural ingredients.  Not only is this soap bar made from all natural and renewable ingredients but is biodegradable and a cost-effective option in the kitchen and laundry.

This soap bar is also airport & hiking friendly. Perfect for taking with you while traveling and exploring in places that don't have washing facilities.  Simply cut into smaller sections for cleaning your travel clothes on the go.

Dish Cleaning

A natural way to clean your dishes by simply rubbing the soap through the warm water to create a lather.  Or rub the soap onto a dishcloth to clean your dishes.

Check out the D.Line stainless steel soap cage, perfect for your holding your Washpool soap bar.

Stain Removal

Perfect for stain removal of stains such as red wine, blood, grease and many more. The eucalyptus & citrus oils in the soap act as solvents to help remove stains. Simply moisten the clothing item and rub the soap on the stain before washing.

Clothes Washing

Full loads should cost around twenty-five cents, depending on how much gel you use.

To make a laundry gel:

  1. Grate a bar of soap into a 2-litre bucket
  2. Fill up the bucket with hot water and leave to dissolve and form a gel.
  3. Use about 1/2 a cup per load of washing - add to the machine and not the dispenser.

You may need to experiment with the concentration depending on your conditions:

  • Softer water (like rainwater) requires less gel to wash well, harder water requires more
  • Cold conditions when you are making the gel might mean you need to use a bigger bucket and more hot water to dissolve the soap - adjust the amount of gel you use in your wash accordingly
  • Front loader washing machines require less gel than top loaders
  • Heavily soiled clothes require more gel
  • Larger loads require more gel


Saponified oils (coconut, extra virgin olive, castor), essential oils (eucalyptus, orange, lemon).

Bars weigh 110 grams when packed.

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A Kitchen and laundry soap bar for dish cleaning, laundry gel and pre-wash stain treatments. All-natural with no harsh chemicals.


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