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Wirepegs stainless steel socks hanger with 18 pegs - grade 304S

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You can hang several pairs of socks on this sock hanging rack - great for indoors or outdoors.

The stainless steel socks hanger are mainly thought of as a place to hang socks up to dry.
But they can actually be used to hang a lot of different things.

You can hang anything from socks, underwear to even be using it as a drying rack for the kid's art.

You will also find they are perfect to bring with you when you are out camping.

The sock hanger is made from grade 304S stainless steel. Which is closer to grade 316 (marine grade) than grade 304.

It measures 31cm x 20cm and comes with 18 pegs. And it folds down flat when you are not using it.

Comes with a hanging hook on top of the hanger. The hook does have a closure clip, so you can be hanging it from your washing line outside and will not blow away if it is windy.

If you are after single stainless steel pegs we do stock them too. And they come in different grading of steel including the marine grade 316, which is what you need if you live close to salt water. Check them out here.