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In the Garden

Peg Basket made from recycled inflatables by Ploys

$34.95 AUD

D.Line Stainless Steel pegs grade 304 - comes with hemp bag for storage

$19.95 AUD

Wire Pegs - stainless steel clothes pegs grade 201 and marine grade 316

$14.95 AUD

Good Riddance - Tropical Natural Insect Repellent

$24.95 AUD

Wirepegs stainless steel socks hanger with 18 pegs - grade 304S

$31.95 AUD

Sow 'n Sow Gift of Seeds Card

$9.95 AUD

Good Riddance - Sensitive Insect Repellent

$24.95 AUD

Good Riddance Rescue Balm

$14.95 AUD
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